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My Diet Professionals is formed on the ideology of a health service which revolves around an excellent quality of care, at a time and place to suit you. Why should you have to take time away from your life commitments to deal with health related issues?
My Diet professionals aim to work within your time constraints, allowing you to spend your time, the way you chose, whilst addressing your health needs. We provide our services in a variety of locations to meet an individual’s need, at time and place to best suit you.

We understand that our clients lead busy lives, so we endeavour to make our consultations as least intrusive as possible, with the ability to carry out face to face, telephone and virtual consultations. We’re able to arrange consultations at your home, workplace, local clinic or preferred social setting at a time to suits you. Your health in your hands, with our professionals here to help, when you need them most.



My Diet Professionals was created by and is led by Dietitian Rishi Kanabar. His aim was to develop a patient centred service, which allows service users to address their health needs. at a time and place to best suit their social, home and work life commitments. Continuing to work in the state funded services, Rishi is aware of both the strengths and shortfalls within service provision, in particular amongst allied health services. Respecting the great work carried out of the national health services, Rishi understands sustainability is an ongoing concern. My Diet Professionals are devoted to providing alternative self funded private services as well as offering the NHS opportunity to prioritise patient care through competitive cost friendly referral routes.

Rishi Kanabar trained to be a dietitian in 2008 at completed an accelerated BSc Honors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Hertfordshire in 2012. Having gained experience in multiple leading hospitals in the East of England, Rishi left university with experience of working in both the community and the acute setting. Since graduating his second degree, Rishi has gained tremendous experience working in all fields of adult dietetic practice. Rising through the ranks he has covered respiratory, oncology stroke and elderly specialisms. He continues to provide specialist gastroenterology & hepatology services for both inpatient and outpatients.

Having grown up addressing his own weight management concerns as an early teen, Rishi was inspired to assist others to overcome their own weight concerns. In addition to this primary insight, through training and experience in multiple warps of life including the corporate world, he has understood his key strengths that make him the dietitian he is; understanding, empathetic and motivational.

Rishi understands that no two people are the same, with people having varying priorities and commitments, which often inhibit their ability to address health needs in a rigid healthcare system. This commitment to ensuring equality of care, forms a key pillar to the My Diet Professionals ideology, of providing limitless care at the convenience of the service user.

Forming the business from the ground up, Rishi has the drive to create a care setting to best his service users needs. Professionals subcontracted under this alumni have all been screened and suited to this form of agreement, meaning whether a client is seen by Rishi himself or one of his budding associates, the focus will be on ensuring our clients’ needs are fulfilled.

Rishi has grown up living in the inner suburban areas of South London, which remains his base. Growing up in a diverse multicultural society has given him the people skills required to engage with all people, as well as understand their diverse lives and diets.

Having an interest in fitness and health, Rishi continues to strive to better himself and unlike most diet and fitness professionals, he admits to his own goals. Being a keen cyclist Rishi has accomplished a unsupported 3 days cycle to Paris. He continually aims to better himself, through regular contemplation and goal setting. Combining his motivation to continue with his own fitness and dietary goals, Rishi creates a sense of understanding, which is often lacking from athlete driven trainers offering similar services. Being able to engage and confide with your mentor is often the most difficult, but most important factor when discussing your health goals. At My Diet Professionals all professionals have joined on the basis that they are here to listen and help. Rest assured all your information will be kept confidential, meaning you will be able to really divulge deep into the underlying causes of your health condition.

My Diet Professionals operates during normal working hours as well as at a time to best suit you. Depending on the professional you require , like Rishi’s availability, many offer evenings and weekend consultation to allow for a more flexible service.

My Diet Professionals

Here at My Diet Professionals, our aim is to provide a high level of service tailored to the medical and social needs of each individual.

All of our professionals are registered with a professional and/or a regulatory body, meaning they’re at the forefront of their practice.

Professional conduct is one where the provider is responsible for their own actions, with all our members having a track record in the services they provide.

Each individual has been screened and scrutinised for our service users’ peace of mind.

A service not based on targets or cost cutting, but one where your health needs are met.

We closely monitor all of our health professionals conduct through patient surveys and auditing of outcomes against key quality framework indicators, set by the national institute of clinical excellence (NICE).

Our professionals may also request to audio record your consultation, so that our in-house professionals are able to further inspect the care and advice provided.

All of which is in the pursuit of client satisfaction and safety.

With all our members having experience of working within the multidisciplinary team, rest assured all correspondence will be accurate, timely and rightly forwarded to health practitioners concerned with your continuing care.

In addition, we abide by national standards for sharing of information, making sure you’re fully aware of whom the information will be shared with. All our records are maintained and securely encrypted in line with data protection laws.

Why delay any further investigations and treatment that may be required for your care? Working closely with your general practitioner allows us to recommend ongoing care in a swift and timely manner, if indicated NICE recommendations.

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