Consultation Fees

  • Single Appointment within the M25 region- £150 (45minutes-1 hour long depending on your preference)
  • Package price for 4 Sessions- £500 (limited time only)
  • Skype Consultation- Starting from £60 for 30 minutes
  • We are accredited by most health insurance providers,  so depending on your level of cover it could be completely free

What to expect

  • A professional will contact you to discuss your requirements.
  • An appointment scheduled at a time and place to suit you
  • Pay the remainder at your first consultation
  • 3-7 day food diary analysis by our trained experts
  • Guidance and support to help you achieve your health goals
  • GP reports as required
  • Evidenced based information to ensure your health and safety is maintained.
  • Motivational interviewing to get you through difficulties in making a change.
  • Confidential and personal attention.
  • Clear easy to understand goals helping you to make the necessary changes.
  • Take home information sheets and plans depending on your need.