My Diet Professionals

Here at My Diet Professionals, our aim is to provide a high level of service tailored to the medical and social needs of each individual.
Our professionals are experienced in their individual fields, and all continue to practice their profession in state & private services. Their desire to provide a caring personal service, where they can concentrate on your health needs, rather than targets, is what brings them to our dedicated alumni.

All of our professionals are registered with a professional and/or a regulatory body, meaning they’re at the forefront of their practice.

Professional conduct is one where the provider is responsible for their own actions, with all our members having a track record in the services they provide.

Each individual has been screened and scrutinised for our service users’ peace of mind.

A service not based on targets or cost cutting, but one where your health needs are met.

We closely monitor all of our health professionals conduct through patient surveys and auditing of outcomes against key quality framework indicators, set by the national institute of clinical excellence (NICE).

Our professionals may also request to audio record your consultation, so that our in-house professionals are able to further inspect the care and advice provided.

All of which is in the pursuit of client satisfaction and safety.

With all our members having experience of working within the multidisciplinary team, rest assured all correspondence will be accurate, timely and rightly forwarded to health practitioners concerned with your continuing care.

In addition, we abide by national standards for sharing of information, making sure you’re fully aware of whom the information will be shared with. All our records are maintained and securely encrypted in line with data protection laws.

Why delay any further investigations and treatment that may be required for your care? Working closely with your general practitioner allows us to recommend ongoing care in a swift and timely manner, if indicated NICE recommendations.

Current Services Available

Planned Future Services

Area Coverage

Our health professional currently are able to provide service throughout Greater London and its surrounding counties. We are able to offer consultations in many of your local clinic rooms within medical practices, dentist surgeries, or at a place that suits you best.

Currently providing bi-monthly Saturday morning clinics at BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital, Croydon OR;
Spire St Anthonys Hospital, North Cheam.

Bi-Monthly Friday morning clinics at the Groves Medical Centre, New Malden.