Diabetes (Type 2) Management and Prevention

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June 15, 2018

Tailoring your diet to help reduce the speed and risk of further progression of diabetes through diet and lifestyle modification.

Diabetes management often requires adjustments to a patients intake and lifestyle. Working alongside you every step of the way, our dietitians will enable you to better manage your blood sugar levels, potentially reducing the need for further pharmaceutical intervention.

There are many terms used to describe the manifestations of diabetes including “Pre-diabetes”, type 2 diabetes, Diet controlled diabetes, gestational diabetes and insulin dependent diabetes. Thankfully My Diet Professionals is your one stop shop to managing these conditions from a dietary perspective. Whether the aim is to reverse diabetes, or manage your blood sugar levels without the need for further medication, My diet professions will aim to give you the information you need to make the relevant changes. Although diabetes in a physiological condition, diet and plays an huge role in how our body copes to this condition.

Through tailored diet education we endeavour to empower you to make the necessary changes for optimal control. Everyone’s condition is different therefore a full individualised assessment is required through close collaboration with your GP.

Our dietitians will assess what steps are best suited to you, to ensure the safe management of your condition.

There are no guarantees implied by what our diet professionals can assess part from providing you with the dietary and lifestyle techniques proven to reduce your risk of developing, and slowing down the rate your condition progresses

For a no commitment conversation please feel free to contact us by email or using our contact screen and one of our dietitians will be in contact with you soon.