Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Coeliac Disease
June 15, 2018
Nursing Home Screening
June 15, 2018

Assisting your management of two of the most common cases of IBD: Crohns & Ulcerative Colitis. IBD often requires dietary modification without warning. Varying levels of evidence suggest dietary modification may be able to assist Crohns patient to recover quicker from a flare up and remain in remission for longer. Our dietitians rapid response time means we can guide you to relieve discomfort, as well as ensure your nutritional status is up held.

Our Diet Professionals are here when you need them most. Having experience of working in gastroenterology multidisciplinary teams (MDT’s), our dietitians are able to react to the medical advice given by consultants through providing the necessary food and fibre modifications to prevent complications of a “flare” up. Optimising and ensuring your nutritional status is kept at a good standard both during and following flare ups is an important part of the management of IBD. Unfortunately there are no individual foods proven to provoke an incident, but as your condition progresses there is a growing body of evidence to support food modification for functional gut disorders associated to IBD management. It is quite likely you have been or are continuing to be seen by a dietitian. My Diet Professionals aim to fill the void in between reviews to allow for emergency dietary plans to be provided e.g. liquid diets and relevant prescription requests. Rest assured all dietary modification will be communicated with relevant health practitioners including your current dietitian.