Nursing Home Screening

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
June 15, 2018
Modified Consistency Diets
June 15, 2018

NURSINGHOME, NWS, PORTER, 10. - Residents eat a family style meal at Meadowview House at Shorehaven Lutheran Homes in Oconomowoc, where they have transitioned from an institutional model to a more home-like family atmosphere. March 25, 2014. GARY PORTER/GPORTER@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

Assisting Nursing Homes and their staff to meet CQC nutrition and hydration outcomes through nurse training and monthly screening, helping to manage malnutrition in line with national guidance.

Our Dietitians are trained adult educators, assisting nursing home staff in mandatory screening, essential in highlighting residents who maybe at risk of malnutrition and tailoring first line advice for the patient individual difficulties. Our nutritional experts have the expertise and software available to ensure residents dietary intake is of a high quality, allowing nursing homes to offer nutritious meals, potentially prevent hospital admission and meet CQC outcomes.

Our experience in the field allows us to highlight nutritional areas of concern through our own MUST screening and care plans implemented on a monthly basis. Where patients are highlighted at a high risk of malnutrition and due to unforeseen circumstances, we will help you achieve quick responsive care through referral to the patient general practitioner.

Our dietitians and nutritionists are passionate about the necessities of food and its importance in maintaining good health. Through regular monitoring, nurse and catering training, we will be able to either suppress the effects of malnutrition or highlight the signs necessitating further investigations and treatment.

We understand the complex nature of care takes place in nursing homes, and many of our users find by having additional assistance with helping ensure patients receive the necessary nutritional care, staff are better equipped and freer in providing the hands on care patients require.

Please feel free to contact us either through email or telephone call to discuss the nutritional challenges your home face. We will evaluate how we can help you meet national and local standards, quoting you on an individual basis of need.