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June 15, 2018
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June 15, 2018

Motivating and steering your food & lifestyle choices, assisting weight loss. Our dietitians understand no two people are the same, and are dedicated to listening to your health and social dilemmas. In turn, through tailored advice and guidance we aim to take every step necessary to provide you with the necessary therapy and techniques so you can achieve your weight related goals.

Our expert dietitians have experience in understanding you for who who you are including your social, work and family commitments.

Our aim is to make you feel heard and understood, so that together we can work towards your once, unachievable goals. Our diverse community of dietitians come from a variety of ethnic background and have share their knowledge and expertise with the alumni of diet professionals, ensuring whoever you are seen by, is able to understand the complexities of both your life and your unique food intake.

We at My Diet Professionals Ltd do not believe there is one diet plan that fits you the individual. Having thoroughly assessed the dietary advice from both governmental and media sources, we are able to identify the virtues from the various diets promoted, ensuring you are given both proven and safe advice.

Ultimately all diets create weight loss through shifting your energy balance to a deficit, allowing for internal stores of fat to be metabolised. The problem which faces many of clients is that the weight loss is short lived and often is followed by a period of weight regain

Our trained experts understand that dietary advice is only successful when it is completely tailored to your lifestyle as well as through learned techniques to evoke sustained weight loss.

Our advice is not reliant on expensive so called “miracle cures” and we never promote unachievable unsustainable weight loss. Working together, our diet professionals will guide and steer your changes through regular monitoring and follow up every step of the way.
Our weight is often entwined with ma
ny esteemed factors which prevent an individual from fulfilling their desire to lose weight. By understanding the complexities of what makes you tick, we’ll enable you to find the management goals required to strive for weight loss

One important factor in weight loss is often the constant focus on weight itself rather than the characteristics that it may bring. For example better fitness. Our dietitians are trained to evoke lifestyle changes, directing small food and activity changes which ultimately will provide the outcomes you are looking for.

​Self-management is at the heart of any success story. When coupled to the professional education and motivation brought to by our diet professionals, we aim that you’ll acquire these new self management skills.

At My Diet Professionals, we aim to provide an ethical service, therefore will only sign you up to a maximum of 4 sessions in any one go. If you choose to stay with us there after you will be able to book individual sessions to continue your treatment at the discounted rate received as part of the package deal.

Our 4 session package price £500 ( equates to £125 per session). Alternatively 1 session price: £150.

What you can expect:

  • Prior to starting, a 3-7 day food and symptom diary and health questionnaire are completed by you. This is analysed by us to assess your full nutritional status and health before your appointment.
  • A Motivation and Readiness to change questionnaire aimed at helping us understand your innermost thoughts and feelings so that we engage you with the correct path to weight loss
  • A screening referral from your GP or consultant to ensure the advice given falls in line with other health associated treatments. This can also be a self declaration and indemnity waiver if you feel comfortable to act alone (At My Health Professionals Discretion)
  • 1st Session: All sessions are at a place that suits you best and can even be undertaken remotely by telephone or Skype. We will discuss your history and what you have tried in the past. Past successes in both weight and other life areas. Having assessed your food diary report back on what we have found and areas where you can have an impact. Finally set realistic small changes which will help you create the deficit required.
  • 2nd Session: A follow up session 2-4 weeks later depending on what your time constraints. Reflect on what happened and find rationale for the findings. Looks at portion size specifics with food demonstrations. Readjust goals and aims for the next review
  • A telephone review in between 2nd and 3rd session to see how things are going
  • 3rd Session: Preferably an active session where we will go for a walk and talk to emphasise the importance of activity. Discussing social engagement and guiding resilience to temptations. Management of food cravings and methods to avoid these all together. A complete review of goals achieved. If required, a new trial of alternate weight loss methodology. If this is the case, then further sessions maybe required
  • 4th Session: Hopeful Congratulatory session overlooking the challenges you have faced and overcome. Weight loss review, other anthropometric measurements and revisiting GP led blood results.
  • You will be provided with meal planners and recipe ideas
  • You will have email support and weekly motivational cues sent to you via SMS.
  • Liaison and consulting letters to your GP and Consultant are inclusive.
  • Further email and telephone support packages available as required (additional fees may apply).